Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Host & Business Attorney Peter Lamont Interviews Professional Photographer Rick Gerrity LIVE October 9, 2014

Join us when we talk with professional photographer Rick Gerrity about the business of photography including contracts, getting paid, dealing with criticism, liability, protecting your intellectual property and the importance of loving what you do. 

Rick Gerrity has been a professional photographer based in the NY/NJ metro area for over twenty-five years. He specializes in people, product and location photography throughout the United States and Canada. Clients include BMW, Canon USA, IBM, Panasonic, NYK Lines, Sony, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, Olympus, Tamron, Bausch and Lomb, Oleg Cassini and Becton Dickinson. Rick has a passion for transforming seemingly ordinary, everyday moments into extraordinary images. Rick has also had the pleasure of photographing Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sylvester Stallone, Danica Patrick, Kevin Smith, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, and many more iconic celebrities.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ep. 84: ULTRadio Presents Legal Q&A LIVE

Check Out Legal Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Law Offices of Peter J Lamont on BlogTalkRadio

UTLRadio welcomes you to this episode of Legal Q&A LIVE.  On this program we answer our listeners' legal and business questions that have been submitted during the week or are asked during the live show. 
As always, we welcome input and feedback from you the listener and we encourage you to join in the conversation by calling the live program at (347) 855-8831 or by contacting us via our social media sites. Links to our various sites are listed on our main website,

Business Attorney Peter Lamont Answers: Do All Contratcs Have a 3-Day Cancellation Policy? & present Nationally Recognized and Top NJ Business attorney Peter J. Lamont, Esq. Today's video addresses most people's belief that every contract has a 3-day termination clause.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 Understanding Business Host Peter Lamont Talks with Hiring Expert Lou Adler

Listen to today's discussion with human resources guru, Lou Adler on UTLRadio: Understanding Business. @louA provided some great advice on Performance-based Hiring.

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Check Out Legal Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Law Offices of Peter J Lamont on BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Understanding the Law: Music as a Business

Are you a musician or involved in the music industry? Do you want to turn it into a business? As much as you love music, it is still a business. Join us on September 4, 2014 at 10 am EST as we discuss Music as a Business.

Joining us will be Rob Malmburg and Mike Winston. Malmburg is the bass player for Code 22 and is highly experienced in planning shows of any size and promotions. Winston is the guitar player for metal band Center of Disease and has skillfully handled business transactions on behalf of his band.

Call in with your questions and comments about turning your passion for music into a business. Our call in number for Thursday, September 4, 2014 is 347-855-8831. We will be live from 10 am EST until 11 am EST. This special episode will be available as a free download!

To listen live, visit and click on the radio. You can subscribe or download to our free podcasts by visiting iTunes or following the instructions through

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Action Taken Against Lawyer Who Sent Email

Regardless of profession, it's important to always remain professional...even if you disagree with a court ruling, a law, or someone's lifestyle. Walter Kubitz, a senior attorney for Becker & Poliakoff was the recipient of "immediate and severe" action because of an email that he sent to firm employees. The email expressed his personal disagreement with same sex marriage.

The email stated that US District Judge Robert Hinkle's decision that the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Kubitz stated that "there is not a shred of historical evidence that either of those clauses was ever intended to legitimize homosexuality." He also quoted Bible verses in his email.

It is important in any profession that we are careful to observe how we word our responses. In this particular instance, a simple response about how Kubitz believed that the federal court's decision violated state rights would have been sufficient to express his disagreement.

We must also be very careful in how we express our faith in the workplace. We are welcome to have our religious beliefs. However, unless a person is employed by a religious institution then they should probably leave religious overtones out of their emails.

Would you be upset to receive an email, even if it were unintentionally sent to you, if it were full of religious text and disagreed with something pertaining to your job? Let us know.

If you would like more information about this topic or have general legal questions, please feel free to contact me at (973)949-3770 or via email at We answer legal questions on a daily basis and would be happy to discuss any issues or questions that you have with you.  Offices in: New Jersey New York, Colorado & Puerto Rico.  Affiliated throughout the country.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Georgia Father Files Lawsuit

A father in Georgia filed an interesting lawsuit. Hugh Myers is suing Beulah Elementary School because he was told not to bring his gun with him when dropping off, picking up, or otherwise supervising school based activities that his daughter participates in. The principal allegedly threatened to have Myers arrested.

A law went into effect in Georgia in July allows guns in bars without restrictions, certain government buildings that do not have security or screen visitors, and religious centers with pastoral consent. School districts are able to allow certain employees to carry a firearm onto school grounds under specific conditions.

Myers' attorney, John Monroe, stated that his client is "anxious for it to get resolved so he can begin exercising his right." Myers wants to be allowed to carry a gun at his daughter's school in case there is a confrontation.

Should Hugh Myers be allowed to carry a gun onto school property since the law has changed to allow some school employees to carry? Should a public school be looked at under the new statute as a government building instead of only as a school?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Man Discovers Roommates are Fugitives

How well do you think you really know your roommates? It's a legal story that will have people second guessing their choice in roommates. A man in South Carolina watched the evening news and discovered that his roommates were fugitives. After the news, he called the police and told them about his roommates.

The man's roommates, 21 year old Kyle Huthmaker and 20 year old Jennifer Jadick, were arrested last Thursday on a charge of larceny. Charleston police found $3,000 worth of stolen items in their home earlier in the month. The fugitives were in the apartment and sitting on the couch when police entered the apartment. The two were placed in custody without incident. The items were reportedly taken during a burglary. Among the stolen items were a 60" television,an X-Box, a surf board, a tablet, and a cell phone.

Huthmaker was charged with receiving stolen goods. Jadick was charged with property crime enhancement.  Whether or not Huthmaker's charge will be considered a felony will depend on how much the goods are deemed to be worth. Property crime enhancement can be as minor as throwing trash on the ground. Whether or not Jadick will face a felony charge will depend on if she has previously had this type of charge. A third charge of property crime enhancements can bring up to ten years in prison and is a felony in the state of South Carolina.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Facebook and Litigation

If you are involved in any form of litigation, Facebook can be your friend and your enemy. It can be used to find information on the other party. The bad news is that to the other person, you are the other party. Here are some Facebook tips for use during litigation.

  1. Do not add people that you do not know to Facebook. Facebook is great for meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. Unfortunately, you need to realize that things on your Facebook page can be offered as potential evidence. It's important that you know exactly who is on your friends list. Remove people associated or possibly associated with the other party. 
  2. Realize that Facebook is a public forum. Facebook is a free and public forum. It's even considered public if you lock your account down. The Internet is a public forum and when we post things for people to see, we don't have as much privacy as we would like to think. Facebook's Terms of Service will tell you that. 
  3. Do not talk about your legal situation. Facebook should not be used to discuss your legal case. Again, it is a public forum. Do not discuss your legal strategies or what your attorney suggested as a course of action. Do not bad mouth the other party. Do not discuss things that experts have said regarding your case. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right to silence. 
  4. Do not correspond or try to send friend requests to others involved in the case. This can include other attorneys, witnesses, and the judge. If you are contacted by any of those individuals, then let your attorney know ASAP. 
  5. Do not disparage the other party or people involved. This ties directly in to number two and number three. It's a frustrating time, but Facebook should not be the place where you air your frustrations.
  6. Turn your settings to friends only. Go under your Facebook settings and turn off anything that can be seen by the public. This includes photos, statuses, wall postings, and your personal information. Do not make it easy for the other side to find out what is posted on your profile. You may consider disabling your profile until after the case.
  7. Turn on approved tagging. Go under settings and make use of the option of approving anything that you are tagged in or that is posted on your wall. Take down any photos of you that you would not want seen by a court. 
  8. Take down inflammatory photos. It doesn't matter if the photos relate directly to the case or not. Take down any photos that you are tagged in or that are on your account that include participating in anything illegal. Do not upload photos of that nature. Anything you put on the Internet will remain forever. Just Google your name and click images. You may be surprised at the things you see. 
If you would like more information about this topic or have general legal questions, please feel free to contact me at (973)949-3770 or via email at We answer legal questions on a daily basis and would be happy to discuss any issues or questions that you have with you.  Offices in: New Jersey New York, Colorado & Puerto Rico.  Affiliated throughout the country.

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