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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cold Calling's Not Dead Yet

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

Everybody has had someone interrupt a family dinner with a phone call about steak knives or some other consumer product they are trying to push.  Home owners have been plagued with the issue of telemarketing for decades and have tried unsuccessfully to fight back.  Unfortunately, the term cold calling immediately gets associated with this particular use of it.  While telemarketing is most certainly cold calling, cold calling does not necessarily mean telemarketing and it can still be used to a company's advantage today.

Lead generation is exactly how it sounds: generating leads for your sales representatives to target for closes.  If an employee cannot effectively convince customers to make a purchase, that does not mean he will be unsuccessful in creating interest and a solid foundation for a sale down the road.  Think about it in terms of how you would react.  Would you be more likely to give payment information for something up front or agree to hear more about it at a later date?  Call it unwillingness to commit, indecisiveness, procrastination, or anything else you want, but it is what makes lead generation a better choice.

Business-to-business sales will find more success with this than business-to-consumer and it should increase the efficiency rates of the salespeople.  The cold callers are the ones who face the initial rejections and reasons for lack of interest.  By the time a representative actually holds a physical or virtual meeting with a lead, it is already confirmed that a close is possible because they agreed to go at least this far in the process.  This method of selling saves time and should result in a healthier bottom line for organizations who use it correctly. 
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