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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hard Evidence Against Lance Armstrong - Keeping Your Heroes at a Distance

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

It had been a point of speculation for years whether Lance Armstrong had won his 7 Tour de France titles with the help of performance enhancing drugs.  Just recently Armstrong withdrew from the investigation and then hard evidence was revealed from his own teammates that he did in fact take these drugs and forced them to do the same.  The news may be shocking, but Lance Armstrong is one in a pattern of many powerful figures whose scandals have been revealed.  This brings to mind one question: Who is there for tomorrow's leaders to emulate?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a child with his former maid, Enron's executives misled stakeholders and ruined countless lives, and Marion Jones had her Olympic medals taken away because of steroids.  Concerns for our future are legitimate when the supposed role models of that generation are on trial, serving prison terms, or living out their lives in ignominy.  There is a danger of getting too close to your heroes.

However, there are lessons to be learned by those who will eventually take the reins.  The major takeaway should be to avoid situations before it is too late and they are in too deep with a lie.  Lance Armstrong may have considered confessing at some point, but it was too large by then.  It also makes very clear that the truth will surface at some point regardless of how well hidden it may be.  No secret is completely safe.

Although the future may seem bleak and hopeless given everything we see in the media, we can only hope that future generations look at these guilty individuals and aspire to not be like them (anti-role models?).  Plus, there are still many great leaders out there.  Unfortunately, the news only covers the negative ones while those who are moral and working toward positive goals are left mostly ignored.  Those people are out there and should be sought after by anyone looking to learn.
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