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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Online Advertising

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

As print advertising continues to lose appeal, online advertising is naturally benefiting. While print can be effective, the advantages to putting your marketing dollars on the web instead of on paper are clear. Pop-ups did their best in the late 90s and early 2000s to ruin the reputation of online marketing early. Spam continues to do that to this day. However, the industry is strong and will continue to grow as technology improves.

When looking to place an ad on a website, there are a number of options for pricing that different sites will offer. One of these is CPM, which stands for cost per thousand impressions. An impression is any time the ad appears on the page when someone views that page. Typically advertisers are charged per thousand. Another is CPC, which stands for cost per click. A click is exactly what it sounds like: any time a person actually clicks on the ad. The last one is to simply pay a flat rate for a certain period of time regardless of clicks or impressions. Obviously the option to pay per click is best, but not always offered.

The advantages to marketing online are many and possibly the most appealing is the ability to see the effectiveness of a campaign. Newspapers and television channels can say how many readers or viewers they get, but you will never know how well it performed. Online ads can be tracked and can show how many clicks you have received and what people did from the ad.

The other benefit is linked to tracking effectiveness and that is any interaction with an ad will immediately bring a consumer to your website. They no longer have to remember your name or what you do because they are directed to your business on the spot where they can learn more and make purchasing decisions.

With the mobile market growing and marketing opportunities in that sector becoming prevalent as well, online marketing may be the right decision for your business' needs.
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