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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Procrastination: A Workplace Addiction

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

Procrastination is a dangerous practice that can be picked up early in life.  Some people operate where they are never able to rest until they have finished all of their work.  However, others do all they can to push responsibilities off until the last possible minute.  Although not necessarily a physical dependency, procrastination can become addicting and severely hurt productivity.  To go cold turkey and break this habit, try out these tips to improve your work ethic.

Break big projects into small ones
Tasks can often be daunting and the sheer thought of working for weeks on something may cause hesitation in starting.  It might be easier to turn one large assignment into many smaller goals.  Try separating what you have to do by weeks or days and the sense of accomplishment will be greater.  It is difficult to go a long time without the feeling of having done something useful.  Little pats on the back will help to stay the course.

Create rewards for yourself
Find a way to turn your distractions into congratulations on a job well done.  Perhaps you have a television show you planned on watching or a massive bowl of ice cream seems more appealing than your monthly budget proposal.  Make a promise to yourself that you will fully enjoy these things afterward.  Trust me, it will be more enjoyable with the peace of mind that no other responsibilities are awaiting your attention.

Take small steps toward change
If you have been a life-long procrastinator, you will not shed this identity overnight.  As with anything, start out small and work your way toward a complete transformation.  Try it first with something simple such as paying bills or mowing the lawn.  Once you no longer struggle with these, then you can tackle bigger issues.  It will not be easy, but keep moving forward and you will be able to stop.
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