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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Helmet to Helmet Hits and the Environment

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

This week the NFL announced that Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is suspended one game for repeated hits on defenseless players.  This is part of the league's efforts to make the game safer for players.  Many are angered by these new restrictions and say this is making it almost impossible for defenses to do their jobs.  Some question if the rules are actually realistic to follow or just set in place for the image.

It is possible for connections to be made between the NFL trying to protect players and environmental regulations enacted by the federal government.  Just as fines do not seem to deter players from making hits, companies that can just pay a fine to erase the damage they have done to the planet.  Activists ask for increased restrictions that actually stop harmful activities of businesses as opposed to ones that may exist for show. 

If a cornerback can make a questionable hit that forces a fumble and saves the game for his team, he will probably do it and happily pay the fine.  The same goes for a corporation who will take an environmental shortcut to increase profits by $2 million and pay only $100,000 in penalties. 
What do you think?  Should regulations be tougher on offenders?
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