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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Facebook Responsible for Obesity, Debt & Low Credit Scores?

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont
According to recent studies conducted by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh found that while Facebook could increase user’s self-esteem, it also contributed to weight gain, binge eating, credit card debt, low credit scores and low self-control.
The study found that while participants were browsing Facebook their self-control was almost immediately reduced.  According to the study, after approximately 5 minutes of browsing pictures and status updates participants were more likely to snack on junk food.  Researchers also found that the more time participants spent on Facebook the more difficult it became for them to solve difficult puzzles then those who used Facebook less.
According to researchers this apparent decrease in self-control is the reason for the reported binge eating, weight gain, credit card debt and lower credit scores.  Finally, the results found that the loss of self-control was more pronounced in Facebook users with a significant amount of friends or contacts.
Do you think there’s any truth to this?

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