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Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont
Businesses in New Jersey have more resources than they sometimes realize.  This is especially true for the smaller companies that are either just starting or are just operating on a smaller scale than the major corporations.  Having a solid business plan and a trustworthy staff is not always enough, but organizations exist that can help owners in many ways with their services.  One of these is the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.
The NJCC exists to ensure that New Jersey business remains strong and, as a state, we stay competitive in the national and global economy.  They provide the tools necessary for commercial success such as presentations with notable speakers, deep discounts on relevant publications, and even pledging support for certain legislation that will help companies thrive.
The second function they serve is to connect NJ enterprises to each other.  Frequent networking events are held and members have access to a directory that lists every other business in the Chamber of Commerce.  It sets up the opportunity for warm sales leads and collaboration in a community setting.
An NJCC membership may be of value to you.  Look at their website, www.njchamber.com, for more information. 
 For those businesses not based in New Jersey, the benefits of joining your state's Chamber of Commerce are the same.   We strongly encourage all small businesses to spend a little time researching the benefits offered by their state's  Chamber of Commerce. 
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