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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Changing Attitude Toward Apple

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

Over the past few weeks the Apple PR machine kicked into gear as news of the company's newest product, the iPad mini, spread rapidly throughout the world.  At this point in Apple's life, the mini was naturally met with excitement.  Those die-hard and loyal customers who want to own everything the company offers will always be waiting in line.  However, it seems this time around that there was a change in the way the overall market feels toward Apple.

As I said, there was the expected hysteria over the introduction of the iPad mini and the iPhone 5.  The difference that I could tell can be summed up with the phrase, "Oh, you again."  It was as if there was a collective eye roll from certain segments of the market.  I could be wrong, but Apple appears to not have the same control over the public that it previously had.  Competitors' products are gaining credibility and trust from consumers.  Some, such as Samsung's Galaxy, are even boldly poking fun at the cult-like following of Apple.

There is no denying the prosperity of the company, but could Apple be hitting a different point in its company life cycle?  Will they eventually have to compete on more than brand alone?  The negative reaction to the iPad mini's higher than expected price might indicate that price competitiveness may become as important as culture and logo.  This is all speculation and changes will not happen overnight, but it is worth watching for the future.

That being said, I have recently become an Apple convert.  After years of fighting with home and office PC's, I finally decided that it was time to take a bite of the Apple.  I already used and iPhone and iPad, but making the big switch to a Mac was daunting.  However, when my HP laptop breathed its last breath, I decided to go with a Mac Book Air. I love it. Really love it.  In fact, I forgot all about Windows 8 and am now ready to make the move to having Macs in the office.   
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