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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Food Truck Craze

By: Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

The recent obsession is undeniable.  Travel to any city during lunchtime and you will probably find long lines leading to a new craze known as food trucks.  These restaurants on wheels are popping up all over America and there are now even shows such as Food Truck Nation dedicated to covering this new entry into the culinary world.

The drive through window might have changed the way brick and mortar food businesses were viewed, but it still required that there be a physical building.  The food truck means that location is still essential, but now the location can be changed if the owner so desires.  A full menu may mean only five items, which makes inventory much easier and the limited space within a truck limits the payroll as well.  Not to mention, everyone is attracted at the moment to this unique eatery.

Although the freedom to move at will and the financial advantages make owning a food truck appealing, there are challenges that present themselves.  Due to the areas where they conduct business, owners need to work closely with the city to ensure that permits are filed and setting up shop is legal.  Also, there is the increasing competition in this industry and limited space within urban areas.  Not all locations are created equal in terms of lunch or dinner rushes and the struggle for the more profitable areas is not an easy one.  Many cities have a lottery system and regulate this to ensure fairness.

The jury is still out on whether or not food trucks are a fad or the lunch spots of the future and only time will tell.  However, there is no denying their prosperity right now.  This brings to mind the question: What took so long for someone to think of this after ice cream trucks first started selling?

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