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Friday, October 18, 2013

Safety Tips for Halloween 2013

By: Peter J. Lamont, Esq.
New Jersey Business and Personal Law Attorney
Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont

Ghosts, goblins, superheroes and celebrities will soon be at the doors demanding their annual treats; with the attendant risk of reprisals to property should these ultimatums go unheeded.
Halloween is just around the corner and a little planning and preparation can ensure it is a safe holiday for all.
  • Kid's costumes should be chosen with visibility and simplicity in mind. Complicated costumes can lead to tripping and result in an injured goblin. A flowing costume with over-sized sleeves can be a fire hazard around lit jack-o-lanterns. Dark costumes should be avoided, especially if trick or treating after nightfall. Stick to bright colors.

  • Accompany younger children and keep a watchful eye on them - at a bit of a distance if requested.

  • Equip the ghosts and ghouls with flashlights. If necessary, apply reflective tape to the costumes.This will go a long way to increasing visibility.

  • Instructions should be given to avoid an unlit house.

  • Instruct the kids to walk not run. Excited children, caught up in the spirit, have a tendency to dart quickly here and there - not unlike lizards.

  • Stay away from flammable costumes, bearing in mind a costume labelled flame resistant does not equate to fire proof.

  • Use makeup instead of a mask. Masks slip and can obscure a child's view increasing the likelihood of a nasty spill, or worse.

  • Dress them for the weather, cold weather can result in a sick child come November first. Accordingly, pick a costume that is large enough to go over weather appropriate clothing.

  • Avoid the increasingly popular colored contact lenses that change eye color. As "fun" and "cool" as these may be, they may cause permanent damage to young eyes.

  • If you are using decorative lights, exercise care and caution regarding the condition of the lighting, as these obviously can be a fire hazard. Do not use questionable lighting - frayed wires, improper connections, overly long extension cords that could result in a tripping hazard, etc.

  • When carving the pumpkin, keep the carving tools away from the children. It is much safer to have them draw on the pumpkin and let an adult do the cutting.

  • Keep your property tidy and well lit to avoid tripping a trick or treater.

  • Pets should be kept inside as they can be badly frightened by all the commotion and may bite or scratch.

  • And remember - no gobbling of treats until mom or dad have inspected them!

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