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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Understanding the Law Radio– November 7, 2013: Listen to Today’s Broadcast.

Today, we discussed the recent shooting in the Garden State Plaza mall in New Jersey and we were fortunate enough to speak with Mr. Robert McNamara from Trigger Smart, a smart gun technology developer and manufacturer based in Ireland. 

We discussed the benefits and shortcomings of the technology as well as issues of negligence concerning gun owners. Mr. McNamara talked about the benefit of smart gun technology and opined that it would have a significant impact on the prevention of accidental deaths throughout the country. 

Additionally, we talked about a recent New Jersey Appellate Division case arising from a New Jersey man's attempt to obtain a New Jersey Firearms Purchasers ID Card. The gentlemen’s application was denied on the basis that his son who lived in the home where the gun was to be stored, had a prior criminal conviction. The case was decided by the lower court and ultimately appealed by the applicant. The New Jersey Appellate Division upheld the lower court’s ruling and stated, “Its within the public interest to prevent  individuals with criminal convictions access to firearms.”

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