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Monday, December 16, 2013

CASE UPDATE: Acquittal of Business Client

The Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont has successfully defended a business client against criminal charges which included fraud, forgery, and theft by deception. 


The firm's client owned a local postage and shipping business.  Wanting to move out of state, he sold the business to the purchaser.  He provided all of the financial documents necessary for her to make an informed decision to purchase the business.  The purchaser, a first-time business owner,  agreed to purchase the business and our client stayed on for a few months to help her get set upend "learn the ropes."

After a number of months operating the business on her own, the purchaser, who had not been nearly as successful as our client was with the business, attempted to invalidate the purchase of the business by claiming that our client had fraudulently induced her to purchase the business and that he had forged her signature on documents, along with other similar claims. 

Contrary to the purchaser's claims, our client  had in fact, gone above and beyond by not only providing her with all of the financial documentation, but by helping her gain a better understanding of the business by working with her, for free, before he moved out of state. 


A criminal complaint was filed against our client by the state of New Jersey after probable cause was found to exist based solely upon the statement of the individual who purchased the bushiness from our client. 

Our firm was hired by the seller to defendant him against what he considered to be frivolous claims.  After six months of discovery the case was tried.  Attorney Dennison Marzocco, Esq., an associate of the firm, handled the trial and at the conclusion of the State's case, moved for a dismissal of all charges.  The court, after hearing the testimony of the purchaser and the cross-examination of Mr. Marzocco, found in favor of our client and dismissed all charges against him. 


"I cannot say enough about the firm's representation of me in this case.  The believed my story and believed in my from the beginning.  Of course, I am unbelievably thrilled by the acquittal and highly recommend the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont to everyone."
-Richard K. 

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