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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sidebar: Weekly Legal News, Commentary & Rants March 3/24/14

Be Careful When Cutting the Line at a Buffett

Polly Richards, a 64 year old senior citizen was arrested and charged with assault and battery after she allegedly attacked fellow senior, Linwood Moore, 69,  when he cut in front of her on the buffet line at the Golden Corral in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. In addition to allegedly attacking Moore, Richards threw a plate of food at 62-year-old Fay Cardwell.

In New York and New Jersey, Richards's actions would constitute criminal assault and battery and could carry relatively severe penalties. However, under North Carolina law, Richards' actions will most likely only amount to a misdemeanor. Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, Richards may also face civil charges should Moore decide to file a lawsuit. In order to prove liability against Richards in a civil case, Moore will only need to show that she committed an unwanted touching of his person and that he did not consent to it. 

Apparently Miss Richards thought the all-you-can-eat sign said "all-you-can-beat."

I'm Betting that "Disabled" Former Boy Scout leader, Glenn Taylor, is Wishing He Didn't Upload His Battle with the Boulder at Goblin Valley State Park to YouTube

Most of us remember the YouTube video showing Glenn Taylor as he battled with a boulder at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. Taylor's friend and accomplice, David Hall, sang "wiggle it, just a little bit" as Taylor toppled the ancient rock formation.

Well, Taylor & Hall have avoided jail time by entering into a plea deal with prosecutors. The duo pled guilty to the charge of criminal mischief and received probation. Had they not accepted the plea deal they could have faced up to five years in prison if convicted. In addition to the one year probation both Taylor and Hall will have to pay fees and restitution to the state. It is expected that the amount due to the state will be in the thousands.

In separate note, Taylor claims that he is permanently disabled in a lawsuit against the driver of a motor vehicle with whom he had an accident. The desert air sure does have a healing effect on the body, doesn't it?

March Madness Office Betting May Be Illegal in Your State

Office betting pools are commonplace especially during March madness, the Super Bowl and World Series. But did you know that gambling at work is illegal in many states? Even more disturbing is the fact that betting in office pools when your company has offices in various states may actually violate federal law.

So while it might seem like a morale boosting activity, Office gambling can cause far more trouble than gain.


Sometimes Sharing on Social Media Isn't a Good Thing

Many people forget the disclosures made over social media the same effect as if you made them in public or in a newspaper. In a recent case, the daughter of a former Florida prep school headmaster posted on social media that her father had won a discrimination and retaliation suit against his former employer and that the school was "now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. Suck it."

Unfortunately for both the headmaster and his daughter, her social media post violated the confidentiality provisions contained in the settlement agreement and thus, she will no longer be vacationing in Europe . . . Suck it!


Stupid Selfies

Selfies are the rage. Everyone from President Obama to stars at the Oscars love selfies.  In fact, there is even a club song by that name.  However, some selfies are just plane stupid. 
In Brooklyn, NY a women allegedly stole a cell phone and then decided to upload a selfie using the stolen phone. Man, she is going to be mad at herself. First, because she upload her picture on a stolen phone and second, because she didn't even smile in the picture. 

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