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Monday, July 21, 2014

ICYMI - Monday, July 21, 2014: Week in Review

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Things you should know about:

  • Noriega is suing Activision alleging lost profits. The ousted dictator of Panama believes that a character in a Call of Duty game is him. To find out more on this story, click here.
  • Debra Harrell's attorney spoke out to defend the actions of his client. He stated that his client is not guilty of a crime. We happen to agree with him. Ms. Harrell's daughter is still in state custody. 
  • A nine year old girl called the police on her drug dealing parents. Her reasoning? They were blowing marijuana smoke into the face of their dog. They had more than pot in the home, by the way. They also had a stash of meth. While Debra Harrell had her daughter removed from her custody, this little girl still gets to live with her meth dealing parents. 
  • DEA is sued by an addict. The addict alleges that he was paid in crack. The kicker to this story is that he said that before his involvement with the DEA that he was clean. To find out more on this story, click here
  • Speaking of drugs again, Colorado is selling more pot than expected. Math doesn't lie - legalizing marijuana was good for the state. Click here for more. PS - marijuana is still against federal law. That can affect your employment.
  • Pregnant women are now better protected by the EEOC. Click here to learn more. 
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