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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Man Discovers Roommates are Fugitives

How well do you think you really know your roommates? It's a legal story that will have people second guessing their choice in roommates. A man in South Carolina watched the evening news and discovered that his roommates were fugitives. After the news, he called the police and told them about his roommates.

The man's roommates, 21 year old Kyle Huthmaker and 20 year old Jennifer Jadick, were arrested last Thursday on a charge of larceny. Charleston police found $3,000 worth of stolen items in their home earlier in the month. The fugitives were in the apartment and sitting on the couch when police entered the apartment. The two were placed in custody without incident. The items were reportedly taken during a burglary. Among the stolen items were a 60" television,an X-Box, a surf board, a tablet, and a cell phone.

Huthmaker was charged with receiving stolen goods. Jadick was charged with property crime enhancement.  Whether or not Huthmaker's charge will be considered a felony will depend on how much the goods are deemed to be worth. Property crime enhancement can be as minor as throwing trash on the ground. Whether or not Jadick will face a felony charge will depend on if she has previously had this type of charge. A third charge of property crime enhancements can bring up to ten years in prison and is a felony in the state of South Carolina.
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