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Friday, August 8, 2014

Missed it? Listen Now to NJ Business Attorney Peter Lamont's Interview of World Champion Arm Wrestlers Allen & Carolyn Fisher with Surprise Guest Cobra Rhodes

Yesterday we had an awesome discussion with 26-time World Champion arm wrestler, Allen Fisher and his wife, 5-time champion, Carolyn Fisher about what it takes to be a champion in life and in business.  Midway through the interview we were surprised by a call  from fellow champion,  Andrew "Cobra" Rhodes.  The Fishers along with Corba starred in AMC's Game of Arms television program. 
This interview is a "must listen" for anyone who loves arm wrestling, wants to learn more about the qualities of a champion, or wants success in their business and personal life. 
"Allen, Carolyn & Cobra are three of the most humble, kind, and courageous athletes and people that I have ever interviewed", said host, Peter J. Lamont, Esq. "They truly are "Champions" in ever sense of the word." 
To contact Allen & Carolyn or Cobra via Twitter: Allen @pullingpopeye, Carolyn @carolyn_fisher Cobra @cobrarhodes 
To Learn More About Allen & Carolyn visit www.armingchampions.com

VISIT www.utlradio.com for more information. 

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