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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Videotaping the Police

In light of the recent and disheartening events of Ferguson, Missouri The Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont felt it was important to remind you of the following:

It is not illegal to videotape or take photos of the police. Here is an informative video uploaded to our YouTube channel regarding this very subject.

It is also important to reiterate that if you are involved in a protest or any sort of environment that may erupt in an altercation that you take appropriate measures to keep yourself safe and out of harm's way.

You have the right to ask if you are free to go or if you are being detained by law enforcement. Please remember that you do have rights. Please make sure that you know and understand your rights.

This post is not to be seen as an opinion on whether or not the actions taken in Ferguson were justified. It is simply an informative post about one's rights when dealing with law enforcement. If you have questions, please contact our office or the office of a trusted and licensed attorney in your area. Please take a moment and share this post through social media. You never know who you may help by doing so!

If you would like more information about this topic or have general legal questions, please feel free to contact me at (973)949-3770 or via email at plamont@peterlamontesq.com We answer legal questions on a daily basis and would be happy to discuss any issues or questions that you have with you.  Offices in: New Jersey New York, Colorado & Puerto Rico.  Affiliated throughout the country.

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